The Future Party is a new-media company and digital platform built for creative leaders.

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The Future Party curates exclusive, monthly events to inspire, inform and empower our community.

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Fun & Games! In Partnership with WORLDZ

Friday, September 28th

The Future Party and WORLDZ are invading Two Bit Circus, a brand new micro amusement park in Downtown Los Angeles. We will be inviting community members to participate in a one of a kind experience that will be sure to leave a smile on everyone’s face. We’re going to be taking a look at the future of special moments and interactive games in real life. During the evening we will be hosting an interactive panel with influential guests. Guests include Lou Pizante of Two Bit Circus, Roman Tsunder Co-Founder and CEO of PTTOW! and WORLDZ.

eSports & The Future of Gaming Dinner

Mid October, TBA

Over the past several years online gaming has grown in popularity and is connecting people all over the world. We’re excited to explore the world of eSports to learn about what makes it tick, celebrate the diversity it encourages, and deep dive into the future and what is to come for this industry. We will be bringing various key industry people together for a hosted dinner and conversation about how students are benefiting from this new sport, how brands can find the most benefit out of the market along with the new broadcasting opportunities presented by companies and most importantly what the future of all of this looks like with the rapid emergence of new technology.

Streetwear & Sneaker Culture

Friday, November 2nd

A hosted cocktail hour conversation and luncheon surrounding the popularity of streetwear and sneaker culture. Over the past several years fashion and streetwear brands like Nike, Adidas and K-Swiss have shifted their mentalities. Not only to service their brick and mortar businesses, but build their online identity. They are going after the app market on peoples phones and creating a case for ultimate fomo. Because of the resurgence in popularity, companies are also going as far as limiting their storefronts because they understand less is more. We are even seeing high fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton dip their toes into the streetwear inspired style.

Tickets on sale soon

Past Experiences

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The Future Party is a new-media company and digital platform built for creative leaders.

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