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The Future Party curates exclusive, monthly events to inspire, inform and empower our community.

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Decoding Digital Identity & Youth Culture

June, 28 2018

Foucault argued that who we are, or who we perceive ourselves to be, is far from a matter of individual choice. The rapid growth of social presence and emphasis on an experiential economy begs the question – are we constructing our public facing identities based on a consumer culture, or are we truly free to express ourselves?

Not Another Blockchain Panel

July, 25 2018

Blockchain is a buzzword right now, but how are we actually implementing tangible and practical applications for this technology? Join The Future Party as we discuss different applications for various industries with some innovative folks devoted to unraveling the hype of this technology.

eSports & the Future of Gaming

Mid-August, TBA

The International esports Federation reported that Paris 2024 Olympic organisers are “deep in talks” about including esports as a demonstration sport at the Games. With esports making almost 700 million in revenue 2017 and projected estimates of 1.1 billion by 2019. The industry is growing faster than anyone ever expected. Also with the introduction of Mixed Reality, this has driven the gaming industry to a whole new level. We’re going to explore what this future of gaming might look like.

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The Future Party is a new-media company and digital platform built for creative leaders.

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